Music Stars

Suppose you have already learned how to compose music and play your favorite instrument with confidence. It remains to become famous. However, to achieve this goal, you will have to try hard.

Popular platforms to start a music career
Today, an aspiring musician can become famous if he promotes his work on the Internet. The following platforms will help you reach listeners.

Popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Youtube. Based on them, you can create a group (channel, blog), where you will upload the best tracks, photos and videos of live performances, news about upcoming events. The main disadvantage of social networks is limited monetization opportunities.

Music social networks: SoundCloud, Bandsintown, Music Mama, Bandcamp. They were created specifically so that a novice musician could upload their works for free, create albums, and users could listen to music and share it with friends. The disadvantages of the above social networks include restrictions on the format of audio files and strict moderation.

Digital storefronts: Google Play, iTunes, Guvera, Yandex.Music. They have a huge audience of listeners, so they allow the musician to quickly become famous. However, to add music to such platforms, you need to contact the distribution company and pay a commission.

Tracks can be posted for free on blogging platforms, in particular, Maecenas. It has a friendly interface and good opportunities for monetization. Artificial intelligence analyzes the downloaded content and finds listeners who are most likely to be interested in the musician's work. On our platform, you can collect donations from fans, sell licenses to commercially use your music, and earn money in other ways.

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