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Cybersport (sometimes also called computer sports) is a sports competition based on various video games. It can be:

team - in this case two or more teams compete;

individual - each player plays for himself.

The history of eSports tournaments dates back to 1997. It was then that online shooters began to gain popularity. American Angel Munez came up with the idea to make the process of the game an exciting spectacle. He decides to start organizing public competitions and broadcasting them live, demonstrating the let-play, for which on June 26, 1997, he creates an organization called the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL), which can be roughly translated as "e-sports professional league." The first game to become a sports discipline was the popular multiplayer shooter Quake. Then СPL began to organize tournaments based on the famous game Countre Strike 1.6.

Munez's venture proved to be very successful: the competition attracted a huge number of players, spectators, sponsors and advertisers. Therefore, following the СPL, other leagues appeared. Some of the first were the World Cyber ​​Games and the Electronic Sports World Cup. Today, the esports community has hundreds of different organizations running competitions.

Currently, virtual tournaments are an official sport.

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