Singer Adele spoke about losing weight

Photo Singer Adele spoke about losing weight

Adele said that she did not lose weight on purpose.

Six years ago, Adele announced her retirement from the stage, she decided to devote herself to the family and raising her son. Fans believed that the singer was influenced by her husband Simon Konecki, who was not happy with the fact that his wife was constantly on tour. Therefore, after the artist's divorce, the audience was looking forward to her return to the stage. Adele herself spent almost two years recovering after parting with her husband, during which time the performer managed to radically lose weight, getting rid of 45 kilograms. In a recent interview, the celebrity admitted that she did not seek to specifically change her figure, although she understood that being overweight affects her health and makes her less mobile.

After the divorce, Adele gave up psychotherapy, and threw out the accumulated stress in the gym: every morning she attended strength training, went on an exercise bike in the afternoon, and went in for boxing in the evening. The performer did not change the diet until, unexpectedly for herself, she noticed that she had decreased by a couple of sizes. The gambling Adele decided to test how much her body could change, and refused starchy foods and sweets to speed up the transformation. After a year and a half, she already admired the audience with new forms, joked that only half of her remained, and now she is ready to enter the stage prettier and full of strength.

10.10.2021     News