Parents of cameraman killed by Baldwin demand punishment

Photo Parents of cameraman killed by Baldwin demand punishment

It is known that the family of the deceased Galina Hutchins lives in Ukraine.

The parents of cameraman Galina Hutchins, who died on the set of the film with Alec Baldwin, living in Ukraine, demanded that those responsible for the death of their daughter be punished. Recall that the girl was accidentally shot while working on the film "Rust". According to The Sun, the father of the deceased Galina Anatoly and her mother Olga Andrusevich wanted to fly to the United States after information about the death of their daughter. However, the woman had difficulties with paperwork.

"If their daughter died by mistake, someone will have to pay," - quotes the British edition of Galina's friend from Kiev. Representatives of the film studio fear that the family of the deceased may file a lawsuit if it becomes clear that the tragedy could have been avoided. Galina Hutchins has a husband and son, who is now eight years old. The family of the girl who was killed on the set lives in California. As TopNews wrote, there was a live cartridge in Baldwin's pistol, and for several days before the tragedy, there was a lot of disagreement in the film crew. For example, it is known that a few hours before the fatal shooting, about six employees left the set, protesting against the working conditions. Alec Baldwin himself is cooperating with the investigation. According to him, the “manslaughter” of Galina Hutchins shocked him.

25.10.2021     News
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