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Real Name: Roux Lopez
Age / How old?: December 4, 2020
Birth Sign: Sagittarius
Place of Birth: United States
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🌠 Roux Lopez Biography

    Birthday: December 4, 2020

Ru Lopez was born on December 4, 2020 in the United States. Her parents are world famous WWE stars, an American company, one of the directions of which is the organization of wrestling events. At the beginning of 2023, the baby was only two years old, she did not have time to reach important heights, so we will talk about her famous parents.

The real name of Roux Lopez's mother is Rebecca Queen, who in the WWE world took the pseudonym Becky Lynch. She is a bright sportswoman and actress, originally from Ireland. She began her professional career in 2002, performed well in several competitions, but in 2016 she received a serious head injury, which forced her to leave wrestling. Returned to WWE after 6 years. It was Rebecca who became the champion of SmackDown and held this title for four years in a row. The athlete switched to a more aggressive style of wrestling. In 2019, Queen won the Raw Championship, making her the first woman to win both titles.

Colby Lopez - Rue's father, in WWE performs under the name "Seth Rollins". He became the first FCW Grand Slam Champion. This honorary title is given to the athlete who managed to win four titles in one company: main, team, secondary and tertiary. If we consider the rest of Lopez's major achievements, then he became the world champion in WWE four times, won the Triple Crown, won six times with his team in WWE RAW.

Rebecca and Colby dated for about two years before getting married. The solemn event took place on June 29, 2021.

Ru Lopez's parents are famous athletes, especially in the world of wrestling and WWE. It is not known whether the girl, who will be only three years old at the end of 2023, will follow their path. It is too early to say what field in education she will choose. At the moment, her sexual orientation is not known. When Ru reaches a conscious age, he will be able to connect his life with the person he loves.

Thanks to the career of her parents, Ru Lopez is provided. In 2022, the girl's father had a net income of $9 million and her mother's net income was $5 million.

Given the colorful lives and professional careers of Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, their daughter Ru is expected to become just as famous and popular.

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