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Who is it?: actor
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Age / How old?: March 25, 1962
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Place of Birth: Marlborough, Massachusetts. US
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Her creative path was thorny and long. Marcia often had to settle for supporting roles that prevented her from reaching her full potential. She faced great trials. The woman survived the death of a loved one, but found the strength to return to normal life again.

The future actress was born in a small American town. She never talked about her parents in an interview with reporters. Beauty prefers not to remember her childhood years. Only once did the actress admit that she had always dreamed of becoming an actress.

But some traits of her character could prevent the realization of her cherished dream. As a child, the girl was modest and shy. She was horrified at the thought of having to go on stage. But in high school, Marcia managed to overcome her fear. She played in a school play and realized that her future would be connected with the stage.

The girl began to attend a local theater studio, and then continued her studies in New York, where she moved at the age of eighteen. She was lucky to study at the school of dramatic skill, where she learned a lot. Subsequently, the knowledge gained helped her in her work. While still studying at school, the beauty began to perform in the theater. She received several small roles in two performances, where she was able to show her talent. Gradually, she began to offer new roles.

A little later, Marcia was invited to television. She got a small role in the film "On the threshold of night." The inconspicuous role did not affect the further career of the actress.

For several years, the woman starred in soap operas, one of which she devoted a year of her life. In the late 80s, she starred in four films at once, but she again got episodic roles. Even the high rating of the series among the viewers did not help the woman to move up the career ladder at least a little.

It is worth noting that the actress never thought about quitting her job. She simply resigned herself to this state of affairs and continued to work hard, secretly hoping that her talent would someday be appreciated.

Marcia's hopes were soon realized. She landed a role in Melrose Place. At first, the director planned that the heroine played by the actress would appear in only a few episodes. But the good work of the woman changed his mind, and the beauty entered the main team. She devoted five years of her life to the series, but after the death of the heroine she played, she had to look for work again. The woman again began acting in episodic roles, which did not contribute to the development of her career.

In the early 2000s, the actress took a short sabbatical. She took up self-development and trained as a psychologist. Marcia returned to cinema in 2003. She played in the film "Widower's Love". And a little later, the actress got a role in Desperate Housewives, which brought her success and the love of millions of viewers.

The personal life of the beauty, as well as the creative path, was not easy. In 1985, she began dating Richard Jordan. The lovers were together for eight years, but in 1993 the man died of a brain tumor. The actress, long after the death of her lover, could not recover and did not even want to think about a new relationship with another man. But time heals, Marcia was convinced of this.

In 2006, she formalized a relationship with Tom Mahoney. A few months later, the beauty told fans that she was pregnant. And in 2007, the couple had two twin daughters. Now the woman continues to act in films, but she devotes most of her time to her family. After all the trials, the woman was finally able to find happiness, realize herself in a career and build a strong family, which is central to her life.

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