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On January 31, 1994, in the city of Kolomna near Moscow, senior students Dmitry Buterin and Natalia Amelina had a son, Vitalik. While his parents were finishing their studies, the boy grew up under the supervision of his grandparents.
At the age of 4, the future founder of Ethereum received his first computer as a gift and, as it should be for a brilliant child, instead of playing shooters or walkers, he began to develop macros based on Excel.

In 1999, Vitalik's parents divorced, and he left with his father across the ocean, to the Canadian city of Toronto. Dmitry Buterin strongly encouraged his son's interest in computer science. Being seven years old, Vitalik created his first virtual system. It was a fabulous corner where rabbits lived. Their existence was regulated by graphs, mathematical formulas and equations, which the owner of the virtual world instantly solved without any auxiliary means.

In 2004 Vitalik mastered the C++ programming language and started writing computer games. The most famous of them, Tutoria, has become a stumbling block for avid gamers, only one player in the world, not counting the author himself, managed to complete all the levels in it.
After graduating from high school young, the child prodigy continued his studies at The Abelard School. This is one of the best private pre-university training centers in Toronto. As Vitalik Buterin himself later said: “It was there that I was taught to think and develop.”

First steps in the crypto industry
Vitalik was first told about distributed ledger technology by his father. At first, he was skeptical about the system of digital money settlements in a peer-to-peer network, but after familiarizing himself in detail with the bitcoin cryptocurrency and other virtual coins, Vitalik, as they say, was imbued with the idea and became one of the adherents of the crypto industry.
Having thoroughly studied all the available material, he began to independently write analytical articles on the topic of blockchain technologies. Soon he was noticed, and the Romanian programmer Mihai invited him to become a co-founder of the Bitcoin Magazine.

Ethereum Project
After graduating from the Abelard School, Vitalik Buterin entered the University of Waterloo, but he never managed to finish his studies. The development of a universal blockchain network based on smart contracts has become his life's work.
Having received $100,000 from the Thiel Network fund in 2014, Vitalik leaves the university and, having gathered a team of like-minded people, among whom were such well-known members of the blockchain community as Mihai Alisi, Anthony Di Iorio and Charles Hoskinson and Gavin Wood, is hard at work on the implementation of the Ethereum project . Of course, Thiel's scholarship was not enough to complete the development, the team conducted a crowdsale campaign and, finally, in 2015 presented the community with a ready-made crypto platform. A year later, the network left the initial alpha version of Frontier and soon the first hard fork took place in it.
You can talk for a long time about the history of the formation and development of Ethereum from a little-known altcoin to the second crypto-coin in terms of capitalization, but perhaps this is the topic of a separate article.

It is worth mentioning that in 2017 Vitalik Buterin came to Moscow. The purpose of his visit was a preliminary monitoring of the prospects for the introduction of blockchain technologies, including the Ethereum crypto network, into the Russian economy. During the visit, he met with many high-ranking officials of the government and the Central Bank, as well as personally with Russian President Putin.

Financial condition
The founder of a unique crypto project cannot be poor. Ethereum brought Vitalik not only popularity, but also good capital. By the age of 23, his fortune was equivalent to $400,000,000.
True, during the market downturn, digital coins fell in price, but still Vitalik Buterin is one of the richest and most influential people on the planet under the age of 30.

Personal life
In his interviews, the ideological mastermind of Ethereum can talk at length about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, but the details of his personal life are rarely leaked to the press.
Vitalik Buterin does not have an Instagram or Facebook account, rarely attends fashion parties and social events. Given his popularity and material well-being, many girls consider him an enviable groom, but alas, he is too busy with work.

While continuing to work on updating the Ethereum platform, Vitalik Buterin helps other promising startups develop. He considers the fight against aging of the human body one of the main directions of modern science. In 2018, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the problem of aging received approximately $2,500,000 in ETH from him.
In addition, Vitalik supports the Sens Research Foundation, which is trying to find an effective cure for cancer and other serious diseases (heart disease, Alzheimer's disease) and the Internet Archive virtual library. This is a web site with a free exchange of information and where a lot of digitized materials are available.
By the way, the employees of the Internet Archive project are paid only with virtual coins.

Health status
By 2017, the Ethereum project reached its pinnacle and remains inafter bitcoin and still today. Its founder travels a lot in search of the most favorable country for the development of blockchain technologies. Vitalik Buterin spent three years in Switzerland, where he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Basel, but then moved to Singapore permanently.
He quite often communicates with journalists and many of them pay attention to his specific behavior and gestures. Some workers of the pen even began to spread fakes about the neurological disease of the young genius, but this is just their speculation.
Vitalik Buterin does not suffer from any serious disease, except for "digital addiction", as he himself described his passion for cryptocurrency. But in fact, he is an ordinary workaholic, passionate about his project. Vitalik belongs to the adherents of a healthy lifestyle, he never smoked and did not drink alcohol, not to mention drugs.

Burial of Buterin
In the same 2017, the entire crypto community was seriously frightened by a fake about the death of Vitalik Buterin in a car accident. After this news, the Ethereum rate immediately fell, which clearly indicates the serious role Buterin plays in this project.
One fake post on 4chan scared many traders and Vitalik had to urgently correct the situation. To refute the rumors about his death, he posted a selfie on Twitter holding a piece of paper with the number of the last transaction on the Ethereum network in his hand.

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