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Who is it?: Bloger - Instagram and TikTok Star
Real Name: Rachel Elizabeth Ward
Age / How old?: November 25, 1990
Birth Sign: Sagittarius
Place of Birth: Manchester, England
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🌠 Rachel Elizabeth Ward Biography

    Birthday: November 25, 1990

Rachel Elizabeth Ward is a popular model and fashion blogger on Instagram. About half a million people are subscribed to her account. The girl shares fashion trends with her subscribers, shows how to wear and combine different things. Rachel is helped in this by specialized education, so her beauty advice can be considered a professional opinion.


Rachel Elizabeth was born on November 25, 1990 in Manchester, England. In college, the girl studied fashion and clothing design. The model does not share information about her family, brothers and sisters.

Personal life

Ward is married to Thomas Cortell. Before marriage, their romantic relationship lasted 6 years. The solemn wedding ceremony took place in the Maldives. But then the newlyweds found out that in their native country such a marriage would not be considered legal. So Thomas and Rachel held another ceremony in England. The venue for the celebration was Irton Hall. During the holiday, the Instagram star changed as many as five outfits. The total cost of all dresses is estimated at approximately 50 thousand pounds. For this, the British publications, reporting on the event, called Rachel too vain. People did not understand how they could waste money for a dress worn for several hours.
However, Rachel explained that the brands themselves encouraged her to wear their outfits, so most of them cost her nothing.
In preparation for the celebration, the girl took part in a photo shoot for the Cheshire Bride magazine and even got on the cover of the publication.
The couple lives in their own home in England. They have a dog and a cat.


600 thousand people are subscribed to Ward's account. And the girl published more than 2.5 thousand photos.
Since her main specialty is fashion and style, most of Rachel's content consists of collections of relevant images. The girl is the creator of her own fashion lessons.
Rachel's profile can't find two photos in the same outfit
Rachel also records and uploads short videos where she explains how to do your own styling and makeup.
Unlike many other Instagram stars, the girl never resorted to the help of a plastic surgeon. All her appearance is the merit of nature, her own labor and dedication.
According to experts, the income from this social network ranges from $ 100,000 to $ 1 million. Except for the free designer outfits and cosmetics that brands send Rachel for a post or story.


There was an unpleasant moment in the life of a fashion blogger when doctors diagnosed her with a terrible diagnosis - cervical cancer. It later emerged that the medical staff had confused the test results. However, the whole situation made the girl look at her own health in a new way. In her blog, Rachel promotes the principles of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and giving up bad habits.
Rachel prefers to cook healthy breakfasts and lunches on her own, and she publishes recipes and the process itself in pinned stories
The fashionista travels a lot, giving preference to warm countries. She has visited Dubai, Italy, the Maldives and Monaco. Travel is often related to work. The model attends shootings and events for various brands.
One of the blogger's hobbies is fitness. Going to the gym for Rachel is not only a way to keep herself in good physical shape, but also an occasion to showcase stylish tracksuits.
Insta-fashionista also opened her own TikTok account. There, half a million people signed up for Rachel in a very short time. The girl posts videos with make-ups, hairstyles, and uses various unusual filters.

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