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Occupation: Australian singer-songwriter from Sydney
Real Name: Ruel Vincent van Dijk
NickName: Ruel
Birthplace: England
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    Birthday: October 29, 2002 - now age 21 years in 2024

    Who is it?: Soul Singer

    Height: 6ft 1in


    Zodiac sign: Scorpio
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Biography: edit

According to the Wiki, Ruel was born in London and has been brought up in Australia. His date of birth is the 29th of October, 2002.

He grew up in a family with mixed roots. His father is a Dutch and his mother is an English woman. Ever since his early childhood the boy was taught music, singing and playing musical instruments. He is able to play the guitar and the piano. Among the artists that influenced the development of the young talent were Frank Ocean and Steve Wonder.

When he was only fourteen the globe got interested in his biography. In 2017 Ruel got famous due to his song titled ‘Golden Years’. Since that time he interested the leading record companies in the world. In 2017 the young performer collaborated with such outstanding masters as Logic, Amy Shark and Eminem. He was mainly produced and supported by Mark Landon.

In every performer’s life there is the moment when the biography of a simple person turns into the bio of an artist. In Ruel’s life it was in 2017. Later on, he participated in Pop Spring Festival in Japan and in Commonwealth Games in Australia.

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How Tall is He? His real Heightedit

he admiring crowd of fans is eager to learn how tall the singer is.

The boy is rather tall. His real height is approximately 190 centimeters. It is about 6 feet and 3 inches.

He is rather slim and has a very delicate build. He charms his spectators with the boyish smile and naturally blonde hair. But it is not his cute appearance and manners that make him so popular. He has mastered the hearts of his audience due to his unique voice and songs that he creates himself. The fans admirer his songs, the first of which he created when he was only twelve.

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His Real Name edit

The real name of the artist is Ruel van Dijk.

His name became famous all over the world when he was only fourteen. He has a professional pseudonym which is Ruel.

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How Old is He? His Age and Birthdate edit

The fans of the performer are people who maybe much older than he is now. It is not the age that makes an artist. But still, they all want to know how old the singer is.

He was born on the 29th of October, 2002

. When he was only fifteen when he was invited to make a live performance on the radio. He was only sixteen when he was given a chance to sing together with Khalid and Eminem. At this very age he created his own extended play titled ‘Ready’.

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His Girlfriend and Sexuality edit

The world of music and the whole Internet wish a sensation – everyone would like to know if Ruel has a girlfriend. Of course, sexual orientation and possible relations with the opposite sex is a very tasty topic but Ruel is not a person who would give this kind of food to the curious people. For him it is a matter of inner culture not to speak about personal affairs in public. Even if he has relationship with some girl he would never confess and reveal her name.

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About His Family and Parents edit

Ruel’s parents have contributed much to his development.

His father’s name is Ralph. He has an agency which is situated in Melbourne. He is of Dutch origin.
 The mother of the performer is a British. Her name is unavailable.

It is known that he has two sisters. Their names are Sylvie and Coco.

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