Clarence White (ClarenceNYC)
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Occupation: Instagram Celebrity, Social Media Star
Real Name: Clarence White
NickName: ClarenceNYC
Birthplace: The Bronx, NY
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Clarence White (ClarenceNYC)

Interesting Facts

    Birthday: December 8, 1993 - now age 30 years in 2024

    Who is it?: Instagram Celebrity

    Height: 5'9" / 156 lbs


    Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Clarence White (ClarenceNYC) bio

Biography: edit

Clarence White is a distinguished Internet personality. He has a special nickname which is ClarenceNYC.

He was born on the 8th of December, 1993, in New York.

 When he was a boy he dreamt of the career of a basketball player. Unfortunately he has not built this kind of a career and his biography is remarked only with his success of a school and college basketball player. When he was in Bloomfield College he was a part of their team called ‘Bears’. Having played there for three years he quit and ended up with the basketball ambitions.

Clarence White did not refuse from working out and sports in general and his sporty build helped him a lot in making his career of an entertainer. He began to create his own line of clothes. It was called ‘Designed By White’. Later on he established a You Tube channel where he advertised the line and created a great deal of interesting content that consisted of pranks, challenges, funny stories.

In 2018 he met his love. Now his fans can read his bio of a happy family man. It is his partner who now helps him in running the channel. The girl’s name is Queen Naija. In 2018 the girl is in the family way as she is expecting a baby of ClarenceNYC.

The major part of vlogs on the channel are devoted to the pregnancy and the relations of the happy couple.

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Who is His Mother?edit

The name of the mother of the performer is not given to the general public.

But according to the Instagram account of the star, he is rather close to his mom. There is a touching picture where she is congratulating him to his birthday. She is holding a big cake cooked for her happy son. There is the information shat she is a Puerto-Rican.

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What we Knows about His Father? edit

There are no sources that would give the data concerning the father of Clarence White.

The fans are eager to learn about his relations with his dad and his childhood years spent with him.

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His Real Name / Full Name edit

It is a mystery for the performer’s fans whether they know his real name or a pseudonym.

There is a version that Clarence White has taken this name in honor of a guitarist who gave concerts in the middle of 60-s. The full name of the artist is not known as well.

This fact triggers the admirers of the artist greatly.

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His Age and Birthdate edit

ClarenceNYC was born on the 8th of December, 1993.

He is a young and flourishing man who has managed to establish his own business by this age. He has managed to become a star by the age of twenty-four. It does not really matter how old a person is if by the age he is now he is a successful businessman and an entertainer who has a load of followers.

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About His Girlfriend ( Queen Naija ) edit

Clarence White is a happy person who loves and who is loved by his fiancé. There is no information about the ex-girls of the artist as he is clever enough not to broadcast their names.

His girlfriend now is Queen Naija. She is an Instagram star as well and an Instagram persona.

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