Haley Pham
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Age, Height, Real Name etc: edit

Occupation: Youtube internet celebrity
Real Name: Hayley Pham
NickName: Hayley Pham (no nicknames)
Birthplace: Austin, TX
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Haley Pham

Interesting Facts

    Birthday: December 5, 2000 - now age 23 years in 2023

    Who is it?: YOUTUBE Celebrity

    Height: 5 feet and 3 inches (161.5 cm)


    Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Haley Pham bio

Biography: edit

She was born on the 5th of December, 2000, in the state Texas.

The girl is a promising Internet celebrity who will certainly develop her talent and become a mega-star. Haley began her Internet career when she was only twelve. At that tender age she had had already a lot of talents to share with her spectators.

Hayley is a successful beauty vlogger. The name of Hayley Pham is widely known to those who are keen about fitness, beauty products and small girlish tricks that would help to look your best.

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How Old is She?edit

For fans it is a very important matter how old their favorite vlogger is.

Hayley Pham was born on the 5th of December, 2000, in the state Texas

 She is a young and talented performer who had developed as an actress and a director already by the age she was twelve. When she was in her early teens she had already established herself as a talented professional dancer and had had aooficial work by that time. Now she has managed to gather a considerable number of admirers due to her channel.

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About Her Mother (Mommy Pham) edit

Hayley is clever enough not to give all the details of her family life and her background to the general public. She clearly understands the line between the reality and the world of entertainment.

She has a mother to whom she is very devoted. The majority of her fans know that she calls her Mommy Pham.

According to some sources her mom is an Asian, so the girl has a mixed origin.

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What about Her Father? edit

There are some pictures of Hayley’s mother that can be found on her accounts on social nets. As for her father she does not reveal his name and never gives any info about him.

There are some rumors that her dad is a Caucasian.

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How Tall is She? Her Height in Feet edit

The girl has a wonderful figure of a professional dancer.

She has a miniature height which is 5 feet and 3 inches. As for her other body measurements she weighs about 45 kilos and has a wonderfully sporty figure with slender legs, thin waist and tender slim arms.

 It makes Hayley very attractive for her male subscribers. For that charming beauty vlogger it is rather easy to make content that is devoted to beauty as she has a wonderfully clear skin, gorgeous dark hair and big brown eyes. With such nice features it is easy to try any makeup and look your best.

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Her Boyfriend and Sexuality edit

The sexual orientation which is an actual matter of Hayley’s fans is straight.

She is a typical girl who likes boys and dreams about real relationship. She often speaks about dating and relations between girls and boys on her channel. But she is modest enough not to fling off the name of her boyfriends. She is beautiful, witty, brave and sporty but she manages to be honest and decent at the same time.

So, her male fans would like to believe that Hayley Pham is now free.

But they should bear in mind that there are a lot of aspirants for the position of her boyfriend that they should hurry up.

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