Austin Mcbroom
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Occupation: ex-basketball player; social media star
Real Name: Austin Mcbroom
NickName: Austin does not like being called by any nickname
Birthplace: California, USA
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Austin Mcbroom

Interesting Facts

    Birthday: May 20, 1992 - now age 31 years in 2023

    Who is it?: Instagram Celebrity

    Height: 176 centimeters or 5 feet and 9 inches


    Zodiac sign: Taurus
Austin Mcbroom bio

Biography: edit

Austin Mcbroom was born in California on the 20th of May, 1992.

He comes from a very friendly family where kids have always been developed and encouraged.

When Austin’s parents noticed that he has a talent for sport they sent him to Campbell School where he was taught to play football and basketball professionally. Later on he had a distinguished career of a basketball player and he was given the opportunities to play in the teams ‘Campbell Hall’, ‘Eastern Washington Eagles’.

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About His NBA Careeredit

Austin was rather a promising player when he was at Campbell School.

At that time he was rather successful at point guard position. When he was at Central Michigan University he played more than thirty games there. Later he became a part of the team ‘Eastern Washington’.

In that team he deserved the honors: First Team All-District and Second Team All-Big Sky Honors.

Despite this success of a college collegiate player Austin did not manage to make NBA Career. In 2016 he was not successful in the NBA Draft.

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His Brother Landon edit

Austin has a brother whose name is Landon. He is his younger brother who has become a celebrity on the Internet.

Landon Mcbroom started his own channel on You Tube which he runs together with his girlfriend whose name is Shyla. Both Austin and his brother Landon are brought up in love to sport and physical training. That is why Landon is a professional trainer. His sporty figure makes him attractive on his social media accounts and lets him draw as many fans as possible.

The You Tube channel that he and his girlfriend have created is titled ‘THIS IS LandS’.

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About His Girlfriend and Relationship edit

Austin is just created fort a happy family life as he has been brought up by kind supportive and sympathetic people.

He has relationship with a social media star whose name is Catherine Paiz.

She is a model from Los Angeles who has worked for such a firm as Azzelia Swimwear. Catherine is also a star of the Instagram as she has great looks and a gorgeous body.

The young people established their own channel where they show the blogs devoted to their family life and children.

They have two daughters whose names are Elle and Allaia. The younger girl was born in 2018.

It is known that in 2017 Austin proposed to his girlfriend and she accepted the proposal.

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His Net Worth and Money? edit

Despite the fact that Austin Mcbroom started his career of an Internet entertainer not so long ago he has earned a considerable net worth. Net

Worth is about $500000. The money comes from his channel which he runs together with his partner, girlfriend and the mother of his kids, Catherine.

The channel was established in 2016. The young couple turned out to be good content-creators as they make interesting vlogs, comedy content, consisting of pranks, tricks and funny jokes. It is not surprising that the good-looking former sportsman and his gorgeous girlfriend have attracted millions of subscribers and enjoy the popularity and the money that their work brings to them.

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His Height in Feet edit

It is always interesting for every fan how tall their beloved personality is.

For a basketball player Austin McBroom does not have a big height. It is approximately 176 centimeters or 5 feet and 9 inches.

He is handsome, good-looking and sporty but he does not have remarkable body measurements. For instance he is only 77 kilos.

But it is not the body that makes him an interesting personality and a brilliant entertainer. He has a charming smile and kind dark brown eyes. He is cute and witty and this brings him so many fans.

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