Maddie Ziegler

edit Age, Height, Weight etc:

Who is it?: DANCER
Occupation: Professional dancer, model, actress
Real Name: Madison Nicole Ziegler
Nick Name: Maddie, Bubby, Maddog, Missie
Age / How old?: September 30, 2002
Birth Sign: Libra
Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nationality: American
Race / Ethnicity: White
Maddie Ziegler Education:


edit Measurements, Body:

Body Measurements: Unknown
Build: Slim
Height: 1.55m
Weight: 42kg
Dress Size: Unknown
Shoe Size: 7.5 (US) or 38 (EU).
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
★ Professions:

Maddie Ziegler

edit Bio:

Maddie Ziegler is an extremely talented young dancer from Pennsylvania, born on September 30, 2002. First she became noticed when in 2011 she took part in TV show "Dance Moms" together with her mother and sister. But what made her a real celebrity was her collaboration with famous Sia. The singer got Maddie for her video for "Chandelier", and this video became incredibly popular thanks to Maddie's unique style and charisma, so the girl starred in four more Sia's videos. She is also a promising model and she has already shot for a number of brands.

edit Family, Mother, Father, Wife & Husbands, Kids

Father: Her dad’s name is Kurt Ziegler and he is divorced with her mother since 2011. He says that it was dance that ruined his marriage. Also, he doesn’t get to see his daughters often now.

Mother: Her mother name is Melissa. She was born in 1968. In 2013 she married again. Her second husband is a wealthy businessman Greg Gisoni.

Siblings: Maddie Ziegler has a younger sister, Mackenzie, born in 2004. She is a dancer too. She also has two half-brothers.

Kids: As of 2017, Maddie has no children.

edit Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Relationship

Sexual Orientation: straight.

In the beginning of 2017, the young star posted a romantic picture of her with her first official boyfriend name Jack Kelly, accompanied by a heart-shaped emoji. The boy is from Australia. Before that, the girl was obviously not only too young but also too busy to have any romantic relationship. There are also rumors that she had a crush on her bodyguard.

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edit Maddie Ziegler Money, Net Worth

Her net worth is more than $2 million and it continues to grow quickly. It rocketed after starring is Sia’s videos. Now the girl makes decent money on modeling, representing different brands, as well as on her dancing performances.

edit Houses & Cars

Place of living: As of 2017, the young girl is still living with her mother in her house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she bought in 2015. The family is also living in LA from time to time.

Cars: Being only 14 in 2017, Maddie is still too young to even have a driving license.

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edit Facts and Favorite Things:

    • Maddie hates waking up early but she has to. Every day.
    • She says her life got much harder and stressful after she became famous.
    • She rarely lets anyone do her makeup. She prefers doing it all by herself and she is quite good at it.
    • She makes makeup video tutorials sometimes.
    • She was happy to leave Dance Moms as after that she became more independent.
    • Her parents are very concerned about her safety so she is always protected by a personal bodyguard. His name is Kipper and he is very handsome.
    • She wore braces for a couple of months.
    • Maddie is also an aspiring actress. She appeared in some TV series and she will also get a role in an upcoming movie directed by Sia.

edit Misc Questions

What is her real name?

Maddie or Madison is actually her real name. However, when she was born she was given another name – Tyler. But in a few days, her parents changed their decision and renamed the girl.

What is Maddie’s ethnic background?

She is mostly Polish and German.

When did she start dancing?

She started dancing when she was only two years old.

What dance styles is she good at?

Her signature style is tap though she is also good at classic ballet, jazz, and more.

What was her public debut?

In 2011, Maddie made her debut on TV reality show together with her mother. This show was highly popular “Dance Moms” that tells what life of young dancers and their mothers is like.

In what music videos did she appear?

She was the central character of 5 music videos by Sia, the most famous of which are “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart”, where she danced in a huge cage with Shia LaBeouf. The second video is quite controversial and even blamed by some people for pedophilia. She also worked with other musicians, including Alexx Calise.

How did Sia discover Maddie?

The singer Sia, who is a huge fan of “Dance Moms” where the girl starred, discovered the young talent when she watched the show. She was so impressed by her energy and unique style that she personally invited her to become a part of her new video.

What awards does she have?

Maddie is a winner of a number of dance competitions. She also won the “Choice Dancer” and “Breakthrough Performer” awards and was nominated for other awards several times. She was also named one of the most influential teenagers in 2015.

What about charity?

Maddie uses her fame for good and she is among the most generous and charitable teen celebrities. She helped to raise awareness and funding for children who suffer from serious diseases, including cancer, live in poverty, and have no access to education. She is also a charity ambassador and she enjoys helping disabled children personally. To this, she gives a part of the money she earns to charity.

What brands did she model for?

She was a face of a number of brands, including Ralph Lauren and Clean & Clear skincare products. She also appeared on the covers of some prestigious magazines. To this, together with Mackenzie, she released two own fashion lines.

How much time does she spend on dancing?

Maddie practices dancing every day for many hours. For her, perfecting her style and technique is something like a full-time job and she often stays in her dancing studio till night.

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