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Real / Birth name: Bleta Rexha
Nick Name: Bebe
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Bebe Rexha Tickets

Concert and Tour Dates 2018, Upcoming Events:

Here is the schedule of Bebe Rexha Tickets, tour dates and upcoming events in 2018.
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Concert Review:

The thing that public values most of all is the possibility to learn the singer’s character and personal features. Bebe Rexha is a performer who is not only able to strike the audience with her deep vocal and texts, but also is able to show her personality. During the concerts she speaks to her fans. It happens in the intervals between the songs. She tells them stories from her childhood and makes them laugh. She tries to explain to them what this or that song means and what should be read between the lines. The performer makes the people dance to the music she creates. The most impressive songs of the performer are ‘The Monster’, ‘Take Me Home’ and ‘Hy, Mama’.

About Bebe Rexha Tickets:

Bleta Rexha is a songwriter and singer who was born in New York in 1998. Having collaborated with such outstanding performers as Cash Cash, for instance, she has created a number of songs, for example, ‘The Way I Are’. She writes songs for such prominent singers as Selena Gomes and Rihanna. She has been given BMI Pop and BMI London Awards. Her upcoming concerts are to be held in New York, Salt Lake City and Englewood. The fans are already seeking for VIP tickets. The tour dates are set on November 2017. The tickets are available for booking online.