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Who is it?: POP SINGER
Real / Birth name: Martin Alexander Aiono
Nick Name: Martin
VIP Tickets: Aviable

Alex Aiono Tickets

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Concert Review:

Alex Aiono is absolutely worth the hype which is gained around him. He is a cute fellow that is not only a strong and doubtlessly talented singer and musician, but also he is a person who sympathizes the audience’s mood and desires. He is humble, down-to-earth and absolutely humane. Once, during one of his concerts he suddenly unplugged the cord of his guitar, having moved too intensively. He tried to plug it in again but did it wrong, so it took some time to do it, He seemed not at all embarrassed and just said smiling something like ‘Alex has plugged wrong’. It was so childish, so boyish and cute. He likes when the spectators sing together with him, which is a sign of appreciation.

About Alex Aiono Tickets:

Alex Aiono was born in Utah, in 1996. Being extremely gifted, he has managed to promote himself using his You Tube channel. The most outstanding songs of the young performer are named ‘Alphabet Soup’ and ‘Doesn’t Get Better’. Later he became popular on a number of radio channels and became a part of the band named ‘R5’. Only some years ago the group performed in the street to earn a living, and now the tickets for the upcoming concerts are bought at once, no matter how much they cost. The tour dates for December 2017 and January 2018. The VIP tickets haven’t been sold out yet.